About Us

About WowFixIt

Our initial vision remains in the continual development & marketing of state-of-the-art ultra-precision treatment of diverse surfaces – primarily for the consumer electronics, glass, textile, wood, motors and automotive sectors, using nanotechnology approaches. We are manufacturers & marketers of WowFixIt products, a first-of-its-kind surface care product, an organic protector and fortifier, and a cleaner that works at a nanometer scale to help create a healthy, strong & ultra-scratch resistant surface.

WowFixIt products are certified by EMI – TOV SOD Kft. Germany, E F – LAB Muszaki Kft. Hungary and meet the European Union’s standards.
Our objective is to create value for shareholders by generating significant, predictable and repeatable revenue through product development and prototyping of products commercialized through B.S.D. NANO PRODUCTION Ltd., WowFixIt LLC.

WowFixlt is covering the market of The United States from its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Our team of professional salesmen and marketing officers are working closely with distributors to ensure the availability of our products on shelves all over our areas of coverage. The team in our sister company in Hungary is also working all around the clock to improve and create innovations in the nanotechnology field that establish a competitive advantage or our group of companies.

In 2016 WowFixlt already expanded the production & marketing of nanotechnology products. In a short time we managed to add to our product list: WowFixIt Phone, WowFixIt Car, WowFixIt Textile, WowFixIt Wood & WowFixIt Motor.