Liquid Titanium Protectant

Wowfixit Glass effectively protects glass from scratching and chipping. It consists of nano particles of titanium dioxide. This nanotechnology smooths the surface of the display and provides a 9H hardness that is equivalent to the hardness of sapphire or ruby.

Up to 12 months of protection
Ultra-Scratch Resistant
9H Hardness
Water Resistant
Reduces Radiation

Effectively protects glass from scratching and chipping

The protective coating of WOWFIXIT uses the latest nanotechnology to protect your devices from scratches. It consists of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide. This nanotechnology smooths the surface of the display and gives it a hardness of 9H, which corresponds to the hardness of Sapphire or Ruby. It’s invisible and effectively protects glass from scratching and chipping under extreme conditions. Read more

Protects against electromagnetic radiation

Do you remember the Faraday cage? It completely shielded the inside of the cage from electricity. It also works similarly with the WOWFIXIT screen protector. The nanoparticles of titanium dioxide naturally form a kind of wire mesh on the nano level. This “nanonet mesh” is very difficult to penetrate for electricity, electrical and magnetic fields. Read more

Self-cleaning, repels water, cleaves fat, kills bacteria

The WOWFIXIT protective layer is dual-active and combines two properties that make the display self-cleaning and antibacterial. The protective layer of WOWFIXIT prevents droplet formation. Also, nanoparticles are ionized by the WOWFIXIT protective layer under the influence of sunlight. They produce active oxygen, which kills bacteria. Read more

Improves the touchscreen

In contrast to “conventional” screen protectors the thin invisible WOWFIXIT protective layer does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen in any way and even improves it. WOWFIXIT does not interrupt the flow between your finger and the touch screen. All touch screen functions including 3D-touch are retained. Read more

3 Easy Steps

1. Thoroughly clean the display and the camera with the alcohol with the enclosed alcohol wipe.

2. After apply WOWFIXIT to the glass screen of your device with the application cloth provided. To apply, simply rub application cloth on the glass for about 60 seconds. Then, let sit and dry for about 3 minutes.

3. After application, use the small microfiber towel included then buff out the haze on the device until there is nothing left but a clear shine.

  • Organic

  • Easy to apply

  • Reduces radiation

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Ultra-Scratch Resistant

  • Enhances the clarity of your screen

  • Water repellent

  • Bubble-free

Perfect Vision

A single drop of Wowfixit Liquid Screen Protector
applied to the lenses of your glasses
makes the glass Ultra Scratch Resistant.